Ritchie County was formed on February 18th, 1843 and named in honor of Thomas Ritchie, a Richmond, Virginia journalist, who referred to it as "my little gem."

Today, no matter where you ramble in the county, the tales of wild cat oil boom days, fortunes made in timber and family legends that reach as far back as the Civil War remain.

Patriotism runs strong in small town rural America and always has.

A tribute to Ritchie County's men and women who served in the armed forces can be found along the rail trail in Cairo.

The 16-foot monument features bronze plaques commemorating the dedication and service of local veterans.

The monument itself is an extra panel intended for use in constructing the Hughes River Dam.
Additional Ritchie County history can be found at:
History of Ritchie County
The Ritchie County Chamber of Commerce was incorporated on July 19, 1988 as a nonstock, nonprofit organization.

In general, the purpose and objectives of the Chamber is the development, improvement, promotion, and advancement of the civic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural interests of Ritchie County through a competitive free enterprise system.

Any person, association, corporation, partnership, or estate having an interest in the objectives of the Chamber is eligible to apply for membership.
2018 Chamber Officers
Pamela Myers, Union Bank
Emilee Seese, Ritchie County Public Library
& Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef
First Vice President
Donna McKee, Harrisville Auto Center LLC
Shelia Bowie, Simonton Windows